Case Study - Website and Local SEO Revolutionize Business Outreach

From just a business card to a fully functional website optimized for local search, Jars has transformed DHS Trucking’s digital presence, driving conversions and reaching more customers.

DHS Trucking Ohio
Website development, Local SEO optimization

Case Study: DHS Trucking Ohio Website and SEO Enhancement

Project Goal

DHS Trucking Ohio, known previously only through their business cards, aimed to broaden their digital footprint with a robust website. They also wanted to optimize for local searches to reach their target audience effectively and increase conversions.


Key challenges we faced were:

  • Transitioning from a business card-only presence to a comprehensive digital one.
  • Crafting a user-centric website from scratch, ensuring ease of navigation and responsive design.
  • Implementing local SEO strategies tailored for $DHS Trucking Ohio to ensure they appear prominently in local searches.


We began by understanding DHS Trucking Ohio's unique needs and their target demographic. A modern website was developed, emphasizing user experience and mobile responsiveness. Alongside the website development, a dedicated local SEO strategy was put in place to ensure DHS Trucking Ohio ranked higher in local search results.


The outcome was a dynamic online presence for DHS Trucking Ohio. Their new website, combined with the local SEO strategies, drove more traffic, increased conversions, and expanded their customer base.


For DHS Trucking Ohio, the benefits were manifold:

  • Increased brand visibility beyond just a business card.
  • A surge in website traffic and conversions.
  • Enhanced customer engagement through the website.
  • A notable rise in local search rankings, leading to more local customer interactions.

What we did

  • Website Development
  • Local SEO

Jars solutions streamlined the whole website creation process. As a small business owner, every penny counts, and working with Jars got me maximum quality for a reasonable price. Overall, I couldn't be more satisfied.

Founder, DHS Trucking
Increase in website traffic
Conversion rate
Growth in local search rankings
Increase in customer interactions

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