Case Study - Developing a Scalable Product for TheScanr

Jars collaborated with TheScanr to build a geotagged dynamic QR system. Our focus on scalability and security ensured the success of the MVP, and now we are working on optimizing SEO to drive relevant traffic and increasing conversions.

MVP Product Development, SEO Optimization

Case Study: TheScanr - Building a Geotagged Dynamic QR System

Project Goal

TheScanr partnered with Jars to develop an MVP product – a geotagged dynamic QR system. The primary objectives were to create a scalable, secure, and user-friendly solution, laying the foundation for future growth, and to optimize SEO to attract relevant traffic and drive conversions.


Key challenges we faced were:

  • Building a geotagged dynamic QR system with scalability and security at the forefront.
  • Ensuring the MVP was user-centric, easy to use, and adaptable to evolving agents needs.
  • Preparing for SEO optimization to make TheScanr easily discoverable and drive relevant traffic.


Our approach involved a deep understanding of TheScanr's vision and target audience. We designed and developed a geotagged dynamic QR system as the MVP product, focusing on scalability and security. This ensured that the foundation of TheScanr's solution was robust and ready for growth. Simultaneously, we started planning and implementing SEO strategies to enhance online visibility.


The MVP product laid the foundation for TheScanr's success, delivering a geotagged dynamic QR system that effectively addressed a key challenge within the QR code and real estate industry. TheScanr is now well-prepared for growth, with the development of multiple new features underway. We maintain a strong focus on SEO optimization to attract and convert relevant traffic.


For TheScanr, the benefits include:

  • A scalable and secure geotagged dynamic QR system as their MVP.
  • A strong foundation for future development and growth.
  • Ongoing SEO optimization efforts to drive relevant traffic and conversions.

What we did

  • MVP Product Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • Branding & Design

Some of the best work ever. Very detailed when it comes to design and workflow. Some of his stuff he does, a team of 30 people couldn’t do! Will definitely work with him again.

Yonel Cohen, Co-Founder of TheScanr
Enhanced user interaction with an intuitive design
Streamlined User Experience
Implemented stringent data security measures
Robust Data Protection
Increased online presence and visibility
Enhanced Online Visibility

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