Case Study - Local SEO for New Jersey Landscaping

Royal Lawns, a New Jersey-based landscaping service, sought a digital presence that would attract local customers. Our goal was to build a website optimized for local SEO, improving organic traffic and increasing clientele.

Royal Lawns New Jersey
Local SEO and Website Development

Case Study: Royal Lawns - Local SEO and Website Development

Project Goal

The primary objective for Royal Lawns was to establish a strong local online presence in New Jersey. The goal was to design a website optimized for local SEO to attract more local customers and enhance the visibility of their lawn care services.


Key challenges in this project included:

  • Developing a website that appeals specifically to the local market in New Jersey.
  • Executing effective local SEO strategies to appear in local search queries.
  • Ensuring the website was user-friendly and accessible to the local audience.


Our approach to these challenges was multi-faceted:

  • Local-Focused Website Development: We created a website tailored to Royal Lawns' local audience. The design and content specifically addressed the lawn care needs of New Jersey residents.

  • Local SEO Implementation: We focused on local SEO techniques, including optimizing for local keywords, improving local business listings, and generating local backlinks. This strategy aimed to enhance Royal Lawns’ visibility in local search results.

  • User Experience for Local Audience: The website was optimized for ease of use, with a clear focus on serving the local community. This included easy navigation, localized content, and mobile responsiveness.


The Royal Lawns website project yielded impressive results:

  • Boost in Local Organic Traffic: There was a significant increase in organic traffic from the local area.

  • Higher Local Search Rankings: The website achieved higher rankings in local search results, making it more visible to potential customers in New Jersey.

  • Increased Customer Inquiries: The website led to an increase in inquiries from local customers seeking lawn care services.


The project provided numerous benefits to Royal Lawns:

  • Stronger Local Online Presence: The website solidified Royal Lawns' presence in the New Jersey local market.

  • Increased Local Traffic and Customers: Enhanced local SEO led to more organic traffic and an increase in local customers.

  • Improved User Experience for Local Audience: The website offered a seamless experience to local visitors, resulting in better engagement and customer retention.

  • Client Satisfaction: The founder of Royal Lawns was highly satisfied with the new website and the surge in business it generated.

What We Did

  • Website Design and Development
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • User Experience Enhancement for Local Audience

The new website has been a game-changer for Royal Lawns. Our local visibility has skyrocketed, and we're seeing a noticeable increase in customers. Truly satisfied with the results!

James Keely, Founder, Royal Lawns
Local Organic Traffic Increase
Local Search Rankings
Customer Inquiries

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